This space aims to fill the gap that exists for peace practitioners who wish to explore their work through the written word, but who do not have the time, capacity or desire to jump through the hoops required for publication in an academic article.

It aims to encourage practitioners to reflect on their work, explore lessons learned, emerging ideas and to help build connections and relationships among those working towards building peace.

Many practitioners write blogs or share ideas and reflections among colleagues. These tend to be in ‘silos’ based on geography or theme. Peace Practitioners is an attempt to move beyond that and create a broader platform.

We all have a great deal to share and so much of that lies in the stories and examples we gather through our everyday interactions with the people and communities we work with. ‘Peace Practitioners’ aims to be a place in which these stories, case studies and reflections reach others. We’re interested in sharing your stories and the learning points that those stories and examples illustrate about peace work.

The inspiration behind this site is a desire to create a space that is valuable to everyone who works to bring about a more peaceful world through social change and who try in their own ways to make a positive difference in communities around the world.

We hold a broad understanding of the term ‘peace’ and what constitutes peacebuilding. We are therefore keen to incorporate reflections from a wide range of areas ranging from music therapy to post-conflict reconstruction and everything in between!

Thank you for your interest and we really look forward to building something that practitioners around the world want to be part of.


Share Your Insights

We would love to hear from you.

It may well be that you already have a blog or have shared insights about your work in emails to friends and colleagues. We’d be really interested in you sharing those. We also appreciate that for many practitioners there’s often a large gap between the desire to write something and it actually happening. Life and work tend to get in the way. We want to try and make this space as accessible to people as possible and therefore want to create a number of ways in which you can share your reflections.

  • Submit an article (about 500-1500 words but there’s flexibility)
  • Arrange to be interviewed with the transcript appearing on the site
  • Share short reflections via Twitter – @peacepraxis

We welcome reflections by academics but encourage non-academic writing styles, i.e. try not to use words that the average read will need to look up in a dictionary!

For any more information about this or if you have any questions, please send an email to peacepractitioners@gmail.com and we will be in touch.

Michael Fryer – Founder



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